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WasabiAnime_FrontPage“Try the green stuff… you’ll like it!”

Started in 2001 as Wasabi Anime®, Green Mustard Entertainment is a production company that designs, operates and promotes events for consumer focused media shows (aka “fan conventions”).

While specializing in anime themed concepts, our experienced team of artists, designers, event managers and performers have developed entertainment for a number of nationally known conventions celebrating a variety of genres in popular culture. Since its inception, Wasabi Anime has appeared at over fifty conventions across America!  Events and festivals where our unique brand of entertainment has been featured:

Ancient City Con
Anime Expo®
Anime Express
Anime Festival Orlando
Anime Weekend Atlanta
Dreamcon (& The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving)
Florida Supercon (& Anime/Animation Supercon)
Gen Con

In 2007, Green Mustard Entertainment began designing and promoting a series of independently owned and operated conventions under the GME banner.  As opposed to the growing number of multi-genre events on the market, our shows are developed to be specifically focused on a fandom – be it a genre or a show.  To date, Green Mustard Entertainment has proudly produced:

In 2012, Green Mustard Entertainment started two new projects to help streamline fan convention operations around the world:

Talent For Conventions (aka “Talent For Cons”) is a talent booking operation designed with convention runners in mind.  Operated by professionals who understand the needs of event promotors, TFC helps connect popular actors, voice talent, and writers with event across the globe.

Project Anime is a conference that connects organizers of Japanese culture conventions with rights holders, production & distribution companies, vendors and each other for the purpose of enhancing and growing the Japanese culture industry domestically and internationally.  Green Mustard Entertainment conceptualized, named,  and operated the event in 2012 with the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation.  As of 2013, the SPJA has taken on operation the conference exclusively and Green Mustard Entertainment has moved on to other projects.

Most recently, the senior staff of Green Mustard Entertainment has begun offering consulting services to conventions and events looking to expand their operations and programming.  Our team offers over a decade of hands on experience at every level of a consumer show’s production.  If you are a new event, or an established one looking to grow, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Green Mustard Entertainment
PO Box 644437, Vero Beach, Florida 32964
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