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The following are all the intellectual property of Green Mustard Entertainment and are © 2001-2011 Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

* The event name Animusical as it pertains to anime fan culture, consumer focused media shows (fan conventions,) and related entertainment.

* The event name Florida Anime Experience.

* The event name InvaderCON.

* The event name MuggleCon.

* The event name PinUpalooza.

* The event name WasabiCon.

* The character names of Mary Mint, Pepper Mint, and The Mint Chocolate Chippies.

* The character name and likeness of Wasabizilla. (example picture)

* The character name and likeness of Midori. (example picture)

* The podcast name Convention Nerds.

* The phrase “Try the green stuff… you’ll like it!”

Wasabi Anime® is a registered trademark of Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc.