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JACON Alumni Stan Bush will have his song “The Touch” featured on an upcoming AMERICAN DAD…

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Stan Bush is a former JACON guest and friend to Wasabi Anime.  His song “The Touch” has enjoyed a recent pulse of renewed popularity with The Transformers becoming mainstream again.  Check out this press release we received this weekend:

“The Touch” will air Sunday (March 28) on AMERICAN DAD (Fox)!

Stan Bush’s rock anthem “The Touch” from the original Transformers Movie, will be featured Sunday (March 28) on AMERICAN DAD (Fox). “The Touch” recently out on Guitar Hero WT, was featured on CHUCK (NBC), in the film BOOGIE NIGHTS, in two Hasbro Transformers toys, and was just voted #1 Geek Anthem of All Time!

Look for Stan’s new album “Dream the Dream” to be released this summer (2010).  Visit Stan’s official website at

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