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Wasabi Anime® CONTEST 004: Autographed book from Glenda Finkelstein

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For those of you just tuning in: we’re giving away free stuff all summer long.  Check it out:

Congrats to Thomas Billups – he’s the winner of yesterday’s contest.  YAY FREE STUFF!

Today’s contest is for those of you that like to read things outside of the Internet.  We are offering up a book… a REAL book… with PAGES and PAPER and stuff!  Even better than that, it’s signed by the author.


This is a signed copy of Glenda Finkelstein‘s Nemesis Rising and it could be YOUR copy.  Here’s what you need to do: REPLY TO THIS WEBSITE POST.

This post.  The one you’re reading.

Write in the box below that says “Comment.”  Be sure to include your Name and Email (so we know how to contact you.)  Reply to this blog post on the Green Mustard website and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow evening.  Good luck!


  1. sweet books are awesome… :) yaaaay for reading things that your professor didn’t assign!! X]

  2. I like books, I love books….Pick me Pick me..

  3. awesome

  4. awesome sause

  5. Nothing better then collectables….. Never have to many XD

  6. Bloop de bloop! I sure like to read, golly jee! :P It looks like a great book too!

  7. Wow, this sounds like an interesting book and adventure. Would love to read this!

  8. “comment” and or “reply” as requested by thou

  9. Books are awesome yo :D

  10. I love books! Hope you choose me!

  11. I am a book nerd

  12. Very Coooool!

  13. My husband and I are BIG book readers! Science fiction is more what my husband reads but if he recommends it, I’ll read it. We also have 2 grandsons we’re trying to get to read more and they are also into science fiction. Thanks for the chance!!

  14. I hope I win!


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