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#InvaderCON3 #Kickstarter – WE’RE ALMOST THERE!

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Ten Days.

We are now two thirds through our 30 days for the InvaderCON Kickstarter and (as of this writing) we are at $25,600 of our $33,333 goal… 77% of goal.  If there’s a time to PUSH it’s NOW!

Step 1: If you haven’t already done everything in “Want to HELP support the Kickstarter” website post, DO IT! (Here’s the post:

Step 2: If you haven’t pledged yet, PLEASE DO!  As of this writing, we have 190 backers.  In the original Kickstarter, we ended with 312 backers.  If those same backers returned (122 of them) and each back the equivalent of one ticket ($45) then we’d have an additional $5490!

Step 3: If you have pledged, THANK YOU!  That said, if everyone who pledged added another ticket to their order ($45) then we’d raise another $8550… and we’d be at goal!  Think of it: you’d have an extra ticket to give to a friend, a stranger, or even a strange friend.

Step 4: Spread the word some more!  Check out this note on Facebook for details… AND CHECK BACK OFTEN!

Good luck stinky humans.  THE FATE OF INVADERCON IS IN YOUR HANDS!


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