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The BOOM! Pass & Anime Festival Orlando 14

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Late last year, Green Mustard Entertainment launched an exciting new concept in Florida conventions: the BOOM! Pass.  The pass (short for “Bringing Orlando’s Otaku More!”) was a joint project between Florida Anime Experience and Anime Festival Orlando designed to allow local convention fans the chance to buy discount tickets to both events for the summer.  The idea, similar to ones run by local Orlando, Florida theme parks, was a hit and the chance to use your BOOM! Pass is coming up again with Anime Festival Orlando 14 just around the corner.

Rest assured: we have submitted ALL of the BOOM! Pass registration information to Anime Festival Orlando’s production team and you should be in their system.  In regards to how to pick up your pass to AFO 14 specifically – we suggest you contact them via their contact page on their website:

Have fun at Anime Festival Orlando and we look forward to expanding the program next year!



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