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Florida Anime Geeks – @UMICON_DAYTONA 2013 is one week from today!

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UmiCon is a great anime convention in Daytona Beach, Florida that takes place (gasp!) ON THE BEACH!  Wasabi Anime® was there last year and we’re thrilled to be returning for year two.  Check out our scheduled events…

FRIDAY (September 6th)


8:00 PM – DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate (1.5 hours) in Chibi Events
You’ve seen the Michael Bay movie and you may even remember the original cartoon in the eighties… but what about all the stuff in between? Join us for a history lesson and fanboy-style analysis of The Transformers franchise.  This multimedia panel includes a peek into the (canon) Transformers series that never quite made it to the U.S.  and other engaging topics including why Beast Wars sucks and Bayformers – the good, the bad and the evil.

SATURDAY (September 7th)

1:00 PM – Anime Name That Tune (1 hour)
Anime Name That Tune has been a popular convention event long before Wasabi Anime® was around, but we’re worked hard to compile and organize hundreds of songs from well known Japanese films and television shows of the animated persuasion.
Songs are organized by Easy (“The Sailor Moon Theme” in English) to Medium (“Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Theme” in Japanese) to Hard (“C’est La Vie” from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in Japanese.) The goal is make sure everyone has a chance when playing the game, not just hardcore Otaku.

Cafe Peko Peko
2:30 PM – Cafe Peko Peko (Maid Café) Seating #1 (1.5 hours) in the Manga Library
Maid cafés (メイド喫茶 ) are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants found predominantly in Japan. In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid uniforms act as servants, and treat customers as masters (and mistresses) in a private home, rather than as café patrons. The team from Wasabi Anime® has sent scouts to Akihabara in Japan for the past two years to do research in making convention-based Maid Cafés more authentic and, earlier this year, they joined forces with the ladies from Café Peko Peko to create a new, unique, and exciting experience for anime con attendees. THE CAFE PEKO PEKO MAID CAFE IS AN ALL AGES EXPERIENCE!
NOTE: A separate ticket ($12) is required to enter the maid cafe and include a light snack, tea, and fun!
Visit Cafe Peko Peko on Facebook!

5:30 PM – Cafe Peko Peko (Maid Café) Seating #1 (1.5 hours) in the Manga Library

SUNDAY (September 8th)

12:00 PM – Anime Password Gameshow (1 hour) in Main Events
Based on the classic game show, Anime Password gives teams of two sixty seconds to guess as many anime and video game related characters and titles as they can. One player reads the name of the name/title on a card and tries to describe it to the second player.
The catch?
Each card has a list of five “taboo” words that he/she can’t say while giving the description… and the words are ones someone would usually use when talking about the anime/video game! This game show is as much fun for the audience as it is for the players and players are selected from attendees.

2:30 PM – Cafe Peko Peko (Maid Café) Seating #1 (1.5 hours) in the Manga Library

3:00 PM – My First Anime (1.5 hours) in Main Events
Join Ryan Mulligan from Wasabi Anime® as he tells you about his formative years of watching anime that have led to an obsession that’s lasted over 15 years. Then discuss your own firsts that started you down the twisted path that is anime fandom!

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