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Going to @AnimateMiami this weekend? Stop by and say hi!

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Anime Supercon is -

Animation Supercon is -

ANIMATE! Miami is South Florida’s premier anime and cartoon convention.  The “kid brother” of the MASSIVE Florida Supercon event in Miami, ANIMATE! Miami is expect to draw thousands of fans to the Miami Airport Convention Center.

And guess what: Wasabi Anime will be there!  So stop by and say hi and ask us about Florida Anime Experience, Florida Comics Experience, InvaderCON, PinUpalooza, WasabiCon, or life in general.

You could even ask us about our soon to be announced return to Gen Con.

Or maybe our next… no.  Wait.  We can mention that one yet.

IN ANY CASE: stop on by!  Booth 808 in the Vendors Room.


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