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The Wasabi Animusical is an energetic stage show designed for anime conventions that combines the element of cosplay with Broadway and movie musicals.  The result is, in essence, a “live action music video” for fans of anime, manga and video games.  The show premiered at JACON 2005 and was an instant success among Florida’s convention fans. The show and its unique concept gained national attention via YouTube where videos of the each year’s show have been posted.  Since then, cosplay “lipdubbing” has become a popular trend reminiscent of the Wasabi Animusicals!

To date, three Wasabi Animusicals have been produced

The Wasabi Animusical (2005)
Animusical 2: Electric Boogaloo (2006)
Animusical 3: The Last Crusade (2007)

Starting in 2008, the Animusical concept was brought back as a competition known as Animusical Idol.  This allowed anime fans to create and perform their own “animusical-style” stage numbers for an audience and be judged by Wasabi Anime staff (in the style of American Idol).  The competition has appeared at both JACON (in Orlando, Florida) and Florida SuperCon (in Miami, Florida).