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Animusical Idol

After the first Wasabi Animusical, the staff started getting emails with suggestions for numbers to design and perform. Convention fans are a creative bunch – but there was no way we could produce everything requested. After the final Animusical show – Animusical Idol was born.  A competition as much as a show, contestants perform animusical-style stage performances while the staff from Wasabi Anime judge each number a la “American Idol.”  Check out some of the performances:

Jacon 2008 Skit – Dark Stalker/KOS-MOS
Jacon 2008 Skit – Deathnote
Jacon 2008 Skit – Evangelion
Jacon 2008 Skit – Final
Jacon 2008 Skit – Finale 2
Jacon 2008 Skit – Hopklap
Jacon 2008 Skit – If you were gay
Jacon 2008 Skit – Roxas/Alex ^_-
Jacon 2008 Skit – Sailor Moon
Jacon Anime Music Idol 2009 I won’t say I’m in love
Jacon 2009-Wasabi Anime‘s Example… “I’m on a Boat” (Alternate version here.) (Yet another version here.)
Jacon 2009-Animusical Idol-Forget About The Boy
Jacon 2009-Animusical Idol- I Won’t Say I’m In Love- Performed by:?
Florida Anime Experience 2011 One Singular Sensation

COMPETITION RULES (Updated June 2009)

- Pre-judging takes place the afternoon of the competition/show. (Check the convention’s website for details).
You MUST be at the pre-judging to qualify to perform that night in the main show. Depending on the number of entrants, not everyone may be allowed to perform.

- Animusical Idol will take place later that evening (Check the convention’s website for details).
You will be notified before leaving the pre-judging if you are to perform, and you will also be told what time to arrive to set up for the show. If you are LATE your performance will be cut. No exceptions.

1. The show is designed to be viewed by a general audience – so please make sure that your performance does not exceed a “PG-13″ rating.

2. No nudity… at all.

3. Keep props to a minimum. The more complicated your number is for us to get you on and off stage – the better your chance of NOT being picked for the show. Please keep it simple.

4. Songs must be from either a stage musical or must be PERFORMED in a movie or television musical. For example: “You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” from Top Gun is okay since it was performed in the movie while “Danger Zone” from the same film is not. If you are not sure about your choice of song, merely email to ask. We’re here to help!

5. It is recommended that your selected song not exceed five minutes. If you have a song that DOES exceed the recommended time limit, we suggest you email us at for approval – just to be safe.

6. Inappropriate behavior leading up to, before, or during the convention and/or show can lead to disqualification of your performance.

7. Wasabi Anime reserves the right to amend the rules at any time.

Questions? Email