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Wasabi Animusical I (2005)

The original Wasabi Animusical was truly a labor of love. The idea was created out of the thought that with so many costumes having been created by the Wasabi Anime staff for contests, why not use them to put on a show?  To keep the technical needs as simple as possible, all songs (as with all the Animusicals) are lip synced to allow the performers to concentrate on choreography and comedy.  JACON was nervous about allowing the show to takeover their main events room on Friday night at the convention, but the show was a smash hit and Wasabi Anime was given the go ahead to create two more sequels.

Wasabi Animusical – Intro (1 of 7)
Wasabi Animusical – Little Shop of Horrors (2 of 7)
Wasabi Animusical – Wicked Popular (3 of 7)
Wasabi Animusical – Grease Lightning Speed Racer (4 of 7)
Wasabi Animusical – Cell Block Tango (5 of 7)
Wasabi Animusical – Anything You Can Do (6 of 7)
Wasabi Animusical – I Need A Hero Finale (7 of 7)