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Costume/Cosplay Contests

What convention is complete without the chance to dress up as your favorite anime, cartoon, comic book, fantasy, movie, television or video game character?  Cosplay is a staple of fan conventions across the world, and many events host contests to showcase this amazing hobby.  Wasabi Anime has hosted contests for a number of conventions and they are usually in one of three formats:

COSPLAY CONTEST - A cosplay contest involves not just a person’s (or group’s) costume, but also how entertaining he/she/they are on stage in front of an audience.  Cosplay contests are sometimes referred to as masquerade contests at some conventions.

COSTUME CONTEST - A costume contest involves attention to an individual’s (and, occasionally, group’s) level of expertise in creating the clothing, props, prosthetics, and makeup for replicating a character.  Craftmanship and accuracy are usually the focus of attention in a costume contest.

CROSSPLAY CONTEST - A crossplay contest is a costume contest with the specific qualifier that entrants must be dressed as a character of the opposite sex.  (The phrase is a mix of “crossdressing” and “cosplay.”)

Appearances: Ancient City Con, Anime Festival Orlando, Florida Anime Experience, Florida Supercon, FX Show, and InvaderCON.

Run Time: Varies