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Manga Masquerade

The Manga Masquerade was a joint venture between JACON in Orlando, Florida and Wasabi Anime to create a formal dance event… aka a “geek prom.”  The guidelines for the dance were presented as The Top Ten Ways  to Know What to Wear:

  1. If it’s something you would wear (or did wear; or wanted to wear) to your high school prom, it is probably acceptable.
  2. In the case of cosplaying as a military character from an anime/manga/video game, you must wear the FORMAL military dress. Such examples include Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VIII, and Mobile Suit Gundam. (Even though Luffy from One Piece is a “captain,” dressing like him won’t get you in the door.)
  3. Kimonos are allowed.
  4. Search all you want… Goku never wore a tux in a single episode.
  5. Men who don’t come in costume need to wear at least a suit and tie.
  6. Nudity in any shape or form will not only keep you out of the event, but may even get you kicked out of the convention.
  7. If you intend to cross dress, then please make sure it looks good. (For example, Trey Parker & Matt Stone at the 72nd Academy Awards would not be allowed at the Manga Masquerade.)
  8. Sneakers are not formal wear. Ever.
  9. Use common sense when putting your outfit together for the event… we’re here to help everyone have a good time (within reason.)
  10. The con chair is renting a tux for this. Yes, we’re THAT serious about this.
The event ran from 2006-2009 and helped hundreds of anime fans relive the horror of high school prom (but with cool costumes.)

In 2011 we created “A Knight in Wayne Manor” – a DC comics themed formal – based on the Manga Masquerade format for Florida Supercon.