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Game Shows

Game shows are a staple in fan convention culture.  Popular variations of well known television competition programs give attendees the chance to test their trivia knowledge and cunning against opponents who share a passion for all things “geek.”  Wasabi Anime has developed and run a number of popular games during conventions.  The goal in each game we develop is to create a format where as many people can play as possible therefore making our events more attendee-friendly.

Some of our creations include:

  • Anime Name That Tune *
  • Anime Taboo
  • Full Metal Anime
  • Grand Theft Anime
  • The WaSabi Code
  • Whose Cosplay is it Anyway?
* Anime Name That Tune is not an original Wasabi Anime event.  Our team, though, has developed a very in depth version featuring hundred of theme songs!