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Grand Theft Anime

Trivia has never been so dangerous!  Grand Theft Anime pits two teams of players against each other in a battle of anime knowledge superiority… ALL FOR FABULOUS PRIZES!

Two teams (usually of about ten people each) take turns sending to representatives to try and answer an anime trivia question the quickest.  The person who wins the round gets a point for his/her team.  The other player selects a “Grand Theft Anime” card and reads the results.  The cards can have unusual results – with many of them inspired by the popular video game with a similar name.

Which team will win?  Who will survive?  Can attendees at an anime convention actually answer anime trivia questions?  This game ANSWERS ALL THESE AND MORE.

Appearances: Ancient City Con, Florida Supercon, Gen Con and YasumiCon.

Run Time: Usually 1.5 hours