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A History of Florida Anime Fandom

Your favorite reality television show has NOTHING on the compelling drama of Japanese animation fandom in the Sunshine State.  Join opinionated blogger and convention personality Tom Croom as he tells tales from over a decade of being an active bystander in Florida’s fan culture.

Learn how a small club at the University of Central Florida helped bring anime to VCRs across America.  Hear tales of things called “clubs” where people met in person before the Interwebz took over.  Discover the names of conventions that you’ve never heard of that tried to start in Florida because EVERYONE wanted to create their own!

This panel one long opinion peppered with random facts from a fandom’s past that makes for some great entertainment. Zaniness usually ensues.

Appearances: Ancient City Con, Florida Anime Experience, Florida Supercon, and FX Show.

Run Time: 1 hour

Host: Tom Croom