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Anime That Doesn’t Suck

Let’s face it: there’s a LOT of bad anime out there.  Ever since Japanese animated entertainment stopped being a niche (i.e. art house theaters and swapping fansubs with friends) and became mainstream (i.e. you can buy hundreds of titles at Best Buy) the market has become saturated with too much to choose from.

So what makes a good anime title and what titles are worth your time?

Join opinionated convention personality and blogger Joey Snackpants as he takes you on a tour of anime titles that not only “look pretty” but also deliver in the departments of character, plot and story.  Joey knows your time is almost as valuable as his, so he’s willing to show you anime worth watching that doesn’t suck.

WARNING: Much of the anime presented in this panel predates the 21st century.

ADDITIONAL WARNING: Please don’t cry when Mr. Snackpants tells you that your favorite anime sucks.  Just suck it up and move on with life.  (Yes, we’re talking to you Mr. Naruto fan.)

Appearances: Ancient City Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, FITcon, Gen Con and JACON.

Run Time: 1.5 hours

Host: Joey Snackpants