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DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate

You’ve seen the Michael Bay movie and you may even remember the original cartoon in the eighties… but what about all the stuff in between? Join us for a history lesson and fanboy-style analysis of The Transformers franchise.  This multimedia panel includes a peek into the (canon) Transformers series that never quite made it to the U.S.  and other engaging topics including:

  • Why Beast Wars sucks.
  • Bayformers – the good, the bad and the evil.
  • There were only three episodes of G1 Transformers… like it or not.
  • The dumbest Autobot ever.
  • Whether or not Star Saber wet the bed when he was a kid.

Guests hosts with Joey & Tom have included musical maestro Stan Bush and Gregg “Me Grimlock” Berger. The panel is more than just another talking head discussion… it’s the franchise from a fan’s point of view and you never know which way that conversation can go.

Check your local convention listings to see this panel deemed “too hot for Botcon” in 2010!

Joey Snackpants & Tom Croom once sang backup for the song Dare from The Transformers (1986) soundtrack.  This was their view from the stage.

Appearances: Ancient City Con, Animation Supercon, Anime Festival Orlando, Anime Weekend Atlanta, The Broward Anime Festival, Florida Supercon, FITcon, FX Show, Gen Con and JACON.

Run Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Hosts: Joey Snackpants & Tom Croom (with occasional hosting by Tentacle Chris and random impersonations/appearances from Fallyn Angel and Ryan M.)

Guest Hosts: Gregg Berger & Stan Bush